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Most people hate having stink bugs in their homes. Aside from being a destructive force to plants, stink bugs have their own dark secrets. When improperly mishandled, the insects emit a liquid spray coming from a specialized gland that produces a nasty pungent odor. The odor can last for a while and is often irresistible to human smell. The stink spray is the insect’s natural defense system when they feel threatened and is the main reason why it has such a bad reputation to people. Stink bugs are not your ordinary house hold insects that you can just easily squish. People who have experience when it come to stink bugs know that killing them this way is a sure way of getting a stink bomb.

There are people though, that welcome stink bugs in their homes. Some species of stink bugs feed on other insects and people see it as a solution to other harmful pests. And besides, stink bugs aren’t really that of a burden if you just don’t trigger their natural defense system. For some though, the mere site of stink bugs is just disgusting. Its triangular alien like shape and long creepy legs is just an eyesore. Thus many would truly prefer to keep these insects out form their homes.

The true danger of stink bugs is not on its stink spray ability but on the damage it can inflict on plants. Stink bugs are natural agricultural pests and are considered a public enemy to farmers in japan. They feed on almost any farm plant present. They feed on crops such as soy beans and fruit crops such as oranges. Using their tube like suckers, they feed on the plants juices. There feeding frenzy is evident as stink bugs leave marks on their plant victims. When left uncontrolled, they can ravage a farm making millions of dollars of damage due to crop damage. Truly these insects can inflict fear on our farmers.

The main predators of stink bugs are birds and bats. Because of the dwindling number of their prime predators near human society and with the stink bugs ability to reproduce fast, Stink bug numbers are increasing through time. Stink bugs can be seen in almost all corners of the world where there are some green plants to feed on. Stink bugs are now observed in all parts of the United States. A shocking fact specially that this insects are just illegal immigrants in the US coming naturally from Asia. With their pair ow wings, they have traveled through the states of america damaging farmland along the way.

These are many reasons why many people hate stink bugs. Farmers consider them as enemies because of the potential threat they pose on agricultural crops. Households want them out of their homes because of the nasty smell they make. The insect’s physical appearance itself is quite disgusting and horrifying that is why people easily hate them. Even with so much hate from us humans, stink bugs continue to thrive living among us closer than we think.