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Stink bugs do bite and you might be shocked at hearing this. Many people  claimed to have been bitten by the insect. Some species of the stink bug family feed on other insects thus a stink bug bite is not farfetched. What is a stink bug bite then? Is it painful? What dangers does it offer to our health? How can it be treated? I will share to you vital information about stink about.

A stink bug’s bite is as formidable as it’s stink spray. People who were bitten experienced a small red sore in the bite area of their skin. The pain is quite immense and can be compared to that of bee sting. The pain lasts for about three days causing soreness and puss production. Stink bug bite is not something to be taken easily. In case you get bitten by a stink bug perform these treatment procedures:

  • It is obvious that the bite may cause itching and swelling in the bitten area. One stink bug bite treatment in a natural way is to use lavender essential oil. Simply apply the oil to the area and allow the skin to absorb it.
  • Use of baking soda has been one popular remedy for most kinds of insect bites. Here you would have to make a past using baking soda and a little water. Apply the paste to the bitten area and give it a wait of 15 – 20 minutes. Alternatively, you can make the paste using vinegar, instead of water. If the bite is acidic in nature, then baking soda would help in neutralizing it and provide relief.
  • Swelling and irritation caused by a stink bug bite can be dealt by simply rubbing the inside portion of a banana skin.
  • If the bite is causing you severe itching, then get some Epsom salt to your aid. Mix it in warm water and allow the solution to come down to the room temperature. Now, all you have to do is, soak a cotton swab in the solution and rub the bitten spot. You will notice the itching to have amazingly reduced.
  • One of the simplest home remedy to calm down the burning or itching sensation of a stink bug bite is to dab the area with calamine lotion. It not only reduces the itching, but also offers coolness.
  • For a stink bug bite that cause swelling, you can get aspirin. Simply crush two or three of them and make a paste using water. Just place the paste over the affected area. This method is also helpful in reducing the pain and inflammation.
  • Other effective remedies which you can help yourself with, to deal with a sting bug bite include the use of essential oils of cedar, tea tree, witch hazel, etc., lemon juice, onion slices, aloe vera gel or a paste made out of holy basil leaves.

Stink bugs are not just agricultural pests but also present serious dangers to humans. The stink spray it emits can cause nasal and cornea problems to other people. It rarely bites, but when it does, the pain is immense and can be harmful. Use the treatment mentioned above in case you get bitten by a stink bug. The treatment should be dealt with seriously as soon as possible. Now you know that stink bugs do bite. The next time you see a stink bite in your house, don’t just think of it’s stink spray but also the possible bite it can inflict.