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Getting rid of Stink Bug presence in our homes is no easy task. Try squishing the nasty little buggers and you get a nasty stink spray in return. Stink bugs are even known to have resistance on some pesticides and can survive the cold winter season. Indeed, stink bugs are in many ways built to survive. The good news is there many methods to repel these insects.  I will share with you some helpful tips on how to control stink bugs not just inside your home but also in your own garden.

Ways to control Stink bugs in your garden.

The Garden is one of the stink bug’s favorite places. They thrive in the Gardens green vegetation and make it their own sanctuary where they feed and lay eggs. Use this tactics to control them in your garden.

Spend some time in removing those weeds – Thick bushes of weed are one of the best places for stink bugs to hide. In this thick green lush, they are virtually invisible to our sight. Removing weeds in your garden will force stink bugs to crawl around the ground to find another place to hide making them practically vulnerable to us humans and to other predatory animals as well. After that, spray a kaolin solution around your plants and the surrounding area in your garden. The harmless mineral solution prevents stink bugs from feeding and laying eggs in your plants. You also don’t need to worry about any collateral damage because kaolin solution is harmless to plants and can easily be washed out by water.

Natural Repellants – One solution to stink bug problem come from other types of Stink bugs. Most stink bugs produce a natural substance that attract other stink bugs. You can actually use this natural substance for your own tactical advantage. There are many products, which use the same substance, present on the market intended for stink bug control. Spray the substance to a certain area where you want stink bugs to go. They will be attracted to the smell and will naturally parade on the substance. It’s a good bait tactic to trap stink bugs. Let them come to you so you dont have to spend a hard time finding them.

Study your plants – There are also specific plants in which stink bugs selectively feed and lay eggs. Some plants are naturally unappealing to stink bugs and there are those that belong to their favorite menu. Having knowledge on these plants will give you a clear idea on how to control stink bugs in your garden. Once summer time comes, where the stink bugs flock in huge numbers after their long hibernation, you will already know which of your plants stink bugs will come too first. You can either put nets surrounding these plants, remove them from your garden, or put some traps and repellants surrounding the plants. Any way you choose, having knowledge of these specific plants will give you an edge against stink bugs.

Controlling stink bugs in your home

Having Stink bugs in your garden is already problematic how much more if they reach the borders of your home? Stink bugs usually find their way inside our houses because of their natural attraction to light. They also try to escape the harsh winter season by hiding inside our houses. Use these control tactics to keep them off you house.

Turn of unnecessary lights – As I mentioned earlier, stink bugs are naturally attracted to lights. You will find them flying around light posts in considerable numbers during night time. Thus one way of NOT inviting them to your house is to simply turn of unnecessary lights. If you have a light post near your room better think of turning it off at night or relocating it because stink bugs produce very distracting noises when they fly around a light post. You will find it very hard to sleep if you hear the noises.

Seal off all possible entrances – If you want them out then think of ways for them not to get in. Seal all possible entry points where stink bugs can enter your house. These creatures are relatively small so you must think of tiny cracks in your walls, roof top damages, and open windows. You can try putting some screen in your window to prevent them from getting in your house and still having proper air ventilation in your house.

Seal off all possible hiding places – When winter time comes, stink bugs will usually visit your place for a long sleep. One way of avoiding this is to seal all crevices and possible tight places where stink bugs can hide and hibernate. They can include the matt in front of your porch, your attic, the natural arrangements of things in your garage and other areas in your house where there are tight corners and possible places for these little insects to hide.

Those where one of the best ways to control stink bug presence inside your house and in your garden. When facing a real stink bug problem, use this tactics to solve it. They are fairly easy to do and are proven effective in controlling stink bugs.