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The Green Stink Bug belongs to the large family of stink bugs insects called Pentatomidae. These Stink Bugs can easily be determined from its other Stink Bug counterparts through its bright green color, with narrow yellow, orange, or reddish edges, and triangular shape body. The Green Stink Bug is relatively larger compared to other stink bug species with its elongated, shield like form having a length between 13–18 mm. Much like it’s Stink Bug cousins, this insect can emit a nasty stink spray when threatened or mishandled. It mostly forages on plants making them a common problem in farms around the world.

The green Stink Bug is considered as an agricultural pest. Using its needle like suckers, it feeds on a variety of plants and fruit crops. The Green Stink Bugs have a particular taste on seeds and fruits, specializing it’s damage on tomatoes, eggplants, soy beans and will feed on apples and oranges when they have too. Its color also makes it more adaptable to hiding in plants and vegetables making the insect difficult to eradicate first hand. They also lay their eggs on the plants making a new generation of nymphs that also feed on plants.

Real Problematic Stink Bugs – Although you won’t usually encounter them in your houses, Green Stink Bugs can still pose problems to ordinary households. They spread havoc in your garden sucking on your favorite plants and vegetables. You won’t see them very quickly because of their color blending very well in the green lush making it even more difficult for you to  spot them. The procedures in eliminating Green stink bugs is pretty much the same as the process used in destroying other Stink Bug species. If ever you see them crawling in your garden use this methods:

Stink Bug Repellant – If you will have difficulty finding them in the thick lush of green plants in your garden, spray insect repellants in your plants to force the insects to crawl out of the plants. Once they are exposed, their Bright Green Color becomes your own advantage because you can easily spot them on the ground. Don’t hand pick them though, because they are still members of the Stink Bug family and you don’t want to have stink spray all over you. You can simply use a vacuum cleaner to suck them and throw them in a safe place. You can also let other insects, like ants, in your garden to prey on the exposed stink bugs. Better yet, making matters in our own hands, the good old vacuum is still favorable or try squishing them with a bat if you want to be forceful and simply sweeping away the Stink Bug corpses. There are a thousand of ways, I can think of, to kill them once they are exposed. The main idea is to keep them out of your plants. They are most vulnerable when not attached to plants but are most elusive when they blend with it.

Stink Bug Insecticides – If you find the “exposing and killing” procedure time costly, you can always opt to use deadly chemicals. You can simply spray it in your plants and kill the green pests. As a reminder though, not all insecticides can work on stink bugs. Most stink Bugs, including the green ones, are resistant to some insecticides. IF ever you wish to use one, choose the one that is PROVEN to kill the stink bugs. If you have the extra cash to spare, killing them would also be more effective by hiring professional stink bugs killers.

Those were some of the best ways to get rid of Green Stink bugs in your garden. The green stink bugs are quite difficult to eradicate because if their camouflage ability but there are proven ways of ways to counteract this problem. You can either use stink bug repellants to force the green stink bugs out of the plants and exposing themselves to a vulnerable position or you can use insecticides to kill them directly. Either way, it will surely work in solving the Green Stink Bug problem. One of the things you need to always remember though is that first they are still the same Stink Bugs that will spray you with a nasty liquid when you threaten it and second they will feed on your plants especially fruit plants such as appeals and oranges. Thus the next time you have a garden, be prepared for this camouflage insects known as the Green Stink Bugs.