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How to get rid of stink bugs? Well, there are really a lot of things you can do to shut down a stink bug menace without risking yourself from any stink spray exposure. Stink bugs are “touch me and face the consequence” insects and that is what makes this insects difficult to handle. They have a natural stink spray defense which they use to repel predators and when they feel threatened. You can’t really blame the insects for their nasty built in defense system because it is their own way of surviving. If they chow down on our favorite plants and crawl around our house though, then that’s a different story. Here are some helpful tips you can use to stop this insects from advancing in your home.

Conventional Methods

  • Seal All Entry Points -The best and safest way to get rid of stink bugs from getting inside your house is to literally stop them from getting in. Seal all cracks, holes, and any possible openings where stink bugs can crawl through. Don’t forget that these insects are relatively small so you might consider sealing those small holes and cracks in your walls and chimney. Try using a cement sealant, the same sealant you use in sealing holes in your roof. Cement sealants are effective in blocking of small holes. Stink bug invasion in homes usually starts in autumn where they creep inside houses to escape the coming cold winter. Before this time comes, get prepared by examining all the possible holes in your house and sealing them off.
  • Choosing the Right Chemical Repellents – Fall is also the best time for you to start spraying some insect repellants. Stink bugs, because of their thick exoskeleton, and natural resistance to chemicals tend to frustrate people who opt for chemicals as solution to the problem. Thus choosing the right chemical would be most appropriate. Use an insect repellant that is commonly known as the “spreader sticker”. The sticker will allow the pesticide to penetrate much faster making it an effective weapon against stink bugs.
  • The Household Vacuum Cleaner – The ordinary vacuum cleaner is also an effective weapon against stink bugs. The common household cleaner can suck stink bugs fast  in a safe and controlled manner where you don’t expose yourself to any stink spray. This is a great way of killing the insects without any direct physical contact involved. Suck as much stink bugs as you can until the bag becomes full and you can simply throw it away in a safe place where you won’t have to remember the darn insects.
  • Light Traps-  The insects are naturally attracted to light. This is one reason why they get inside your house especially at night time. You can use this natural attraction though, to your own advantage. Light traps are perfect examples of this. There are many light traps sold in the market today and you can just choose from all of them. The Light traps zap the stink bugs as soon as they make contact with it. Just get ready to clean it every day though, because there would be a lot of stink bug corpses lying around the light traps.

Non-conventional Methods

  • Get a bat – I don’t mean a baseball bat, I mean a live flying nocturnal bat. Bats are natural insect predators and stink bugs are included in the menu. If you are afraid of bats though, just don’t bother trying the method. Anyhow, bats would naturally appear when stink bugs fly around after the long winter. If your place has natural population of bats that is…
  • Wash the curtains, bed linens and send drapes to the cleaners, and will that deter the bugs from returning to the same spots in the house.
  • Spray them with hot sauce, or fill a lidded jar with hot sauce and drop them in.
  • Flush them. Still seems the easiest way to go as long as you’re not knee-deep. Drives up the water bill though …
  • Fly paper. Line windowsills, door jams … one stink bug attracts another, so the paper should fill up with bugs in the house.
  • Mint leaves. Line windowsills and leave near any crevice … one reader swears this works.
  • Regularly spray your plants, trees and grass with a soap and water solution; it will dehydrate most of the bugs.
  • Spray them with a 32 oz bottle hot water and 1 3/4 cup of dawn soap; it’s said to kill them fast. Since they hang out on fruit trees, a reader suggests spraying trees with 36 oz of dawn soap to 2 gallon of hot water.
  • Nicotine. Shred a pack of cigarettes and let it steep in a gallon of warm water over night, strain it through several layers of cheese cloth, and add two tablespoons of dish washing detergent to the mix, and spray that on the bugs and it will kill them for sure. (Wear gloves when handling the nicotine water; you don’t want to poison yourself with too much nicotine absorbing through your skin.) The detergent will break down along with the nicotine. The detergent lessens the surface tension of the water, making it coat the bugs well, and the nicotine poisons them. Both decompose after a while.

Those were the best ways to eliminate stink bugs in your home. The non-conventional methods are proven effective by many people around the world. The conventional methods though, are more widely used and are also proven very effective. It is safe to say though, that you should choose conventional methods in stopping the stink bugs but can try both methods though if you feel it is appropriate. After all, there are many ways to eliminate stink bugs and you can even make your own discovery.